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Kerensa and Brandon RVTF

Kerensa and Brandon RVTF

-RVTF Instructors

Hi, we're Kerensa Durr and Brandon Hatcher.

We gave up our lives in the NYC area as designers, corporate trainers, and a university instructor to escape the rat race and live our life of freedom on the road. We are now in our 5th year of full-time life and on our second RV (you'll learn why in the course) and we love it. We have spent the last four years learning all we can about RVing and the RV industry while making connections in the industry and with fellow RVers.

You can find us every day over at our free Facebook Group, RV to Freedom - Learning to Live in an RV, helping people learn how they can take their lives on the road and encouraging other full-time RVers to share their experience with people who are dreaming about hitting the road.

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What You Will Learn

How you can live on the road

The financial side of full-timing

Shopping for an RV

Buying the right RV for you

Understanding RV Systems

The daily life of a full-timer




  • Navigating this course
  • Roadmap to Full-Time RVing Introduction
  • Resources & Schedule

Module 1: The RV Lifestyle


  • 1.1 The RV Lifestyle
  • 1.2 Addressing Your Fears
  • Module 1 Handouts and Resources - Updated 4-9-18
  • Module 1 Homework
  • Module 1 The RV Lifestyle PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 1: The RV Lifestyle
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 2: Camping Styles


  • 2.1 Traditional Camping Styles
  • 2.2 Non-Traditional Camping Styles
  • 2.3 Finding Campsites and Camping Clubs
  • How to Use Campendium
  • How to Use RV Park Reviews
  • How to Use Allstays
  • How to Use Reserve America
  • Module 2 Handouts and Resources - updated 4-17-18
  • Module 2 Homework
  • Module 2 Camping Styles PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 2: Camping Styles
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 3: Preparing for Life on the Road


  • 3.1 Preparing for Life on the Road
  • 3.2 Downsizing
  • 3.3 Where do you live?
  • 3.4 Banking
  • 3.5 Healthcare
  • 3.6 Health Insurance
  • 3.7 Auto and RV Insurance
  • Module 3 Handouts and Resources - Updated 8-18-18
  • Module 3 Homework
  • Module 3 Preparing for Life on the Road PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 3: Preparing for Life on the Road
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 4: Money Matters


  • 4.1 Money Matters
  • 4.2 Budgeting
  • 4.3 Making Money on the Road
  • 4.4 Saving Money
  • Module 4 Handouts and Resources
  • Full-Time RVer's Budget
  • Module 4 Homework
  • Module 4 Money Matters PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 4: Money Matters
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 5: Understanding RVs


  • 5.1 RV Types
  • 5.2 RV Considerations
  • 5.3 Towing a Vehicle
  • 5.4 Understanding RV Electricity
  • 5.5 Understanding RV Plumbing
  • 5.6 Understanding RV Insulation
  • 5.7 Understanding RV Propane
  • 5.8 Understanding RV Kitchens
  • 5.9 Understanding RV Slideouts
  • Module 5 Resources and Handouts - Updated 4-17-18
  • Module 5 Homework
  • Module 5 Understanding RVs PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 5: Understanding RVs
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 6: Shopping for an RV


  • 6.1 Shopping for an RV
  • 6.2 Where to Buy
  • 6.3 Cargo Carrying Capacity
  • 6.4 Towing a Trailer
  • 6.5 RV Inspections
  • 6.6 Financing and Warranties
  • Module 6 Resources and Handouts
  • Module 6 RV Shopping Cheat Sheet
  • Module 6 - 5 Things You Should Check When Buying an RV
  • Module 6 Homework
  • Module 6 Shopping for an RV PDF
  • Module 6 RV Self-Inspection Checklist
  • Audio Only - Module 6: Shopping for an RV
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 7: Daily Life of a Full-Timer


  • 7.1 Your Stuff
  • 7.2 Using the Kitchen
  • 7.3 Using the "Facilities"
  • 7.4 Internet and TV
  • 7.5 Life on the Road
  • Module 7 Resources and Handouts
  • Module 7 Homework
  • Module 7 Daily Life of a Full-Timer PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 7: Daily Life of a Full-Timer
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

Module 8: Camp Like a Pro


  • 8.1 Trip Planning
  • 8.2 Navigation
  • 8.3 Weighing and Tire Inflation
  • 8.4 Driving Basics
  • Module 8 Resources and Handouts
  • Motorhome Setting-Up and Breaking Camp Procedures
  • Travel Trailer Setting-Up and Breaking Camp Procedures
  • Fifth Wheel Setting-Up and Breaking Camp Procedures
  • RV Set Up Video
  • RV Packing Up Video
  • Fifth Wheel Pack Up Video
  • Module 8 Homework
  • Module 8 Camp Like a Pro PDF
  • Audio Only - Module 8: Camp Like a Pro
  • Submit Questions for the Live Q&A

You Did It!

  • A message for you
  • Course Evaluation

Bonus Material


  • Maintenance Check List
  • Traveling with Pets
  • The Mobile Internet Handbook
  • RV Product Discounts from


I loved the way the course presented very useful information in a friendly fashion, putting terminology into a vernacular that I could understand as a new RVer!
Shelley Dennis Student
We are both introverts, the community that was created for the students brought us out of our shell. We "met" so many kindred souls through the course and now we are looking forward to actually meeting these wonderful people in real life.
Jeanette and Jim Gainer Students
The knowledge we gained encouraged us to move forward with our dream by settling our fears of the unknown and leading us in all the right directions. Without this course those fears might have stopped us from following our dream.
Nancy and Steve Pace Students

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RV Maintenance Checklist

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Traveling with Pets

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Taking the pets along with you makes the experience much more enjoyable. This module will give you tips on traveling with your pets and keeping them happy and healthy on the road.


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